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5 Stars

I LOVED this book! This is the type of book that I couldn’t put down, and when I was forced to leave it for a bit I couldn’t help thinking about the plot and characters. It’s an instant favorite that I will forever keep on my shelf and will re-read in the future. I will absolutely go to an author’s event to have the book signed and seek out other books by this author. This is a book I highly recommend reading and owning.

4 Stars

I REALLY LIKED this book! This nearly perfect book is a top pick of mine. It had characters I cared about and a plot I could escape into. This is a book I will definitely remember. It’ll inspire me to read more books from this author. This is a book I strongly recommend reading and buying in paperback format.

3 Stars

This was a pretty GOOD book. There were elements of the story I liked a lot, but there were some aspects that distracted me from liking it more. Although I enjoyed the book enough to finish, the story isn’t one that will stay with me. This is a book I recommend borrowing.

2 Stars

I DIDN’T LIKE this book. I only finished this book because I was required to finish it or it was the only book around and I was desperate. The story was littered with too many flaws, such as character development, plot, or dialogue, to enjoy fully. This is a book I recommend skipping.

1 Star

I ABANDONED this book. I give every book at least the first three chapters, sometimes a bit more, to capture my attention and compel me to read on. This book failed to do that for me. This is a book I highly recommend skipping.

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