She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.
– Annie Dillard

Welcome to my book review blog, Plot Twist. I can’t express enough how thrilled I am you’re here.

My name is Sue. Although we haven’t officially met, you know me. I’m the girl sitting in waiting rooms reading a book, so lost in the story that her name has to be called a few times. I’m the girl with a book in her purse and at least two back up books to read on her iPad. I’m the girl who knows how to get to every bookstore in a 50 mile radius but who needs directions to her aunt’s house. I’m the girl who answers the question “how’s the book?” with a passionate 30 minute critique, but who answers the question “how was your day?” with a clipped “fine”. I’m the girl who doesn’t apologize for loving books and who wants to talk about books with other like-minded souls.

I’ve been reading an average of 3-4 books per week for the last 15 years. My primary genres are romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy, suspense, and paranormal romance. Closely behind is contemporary fiction, historical, YA, and horror. While I can’t possibly review every book I’ve read to this point, I am starting my review blog with reviews of books as I finish them. I do have books that I absolutely love, and will re-read them before I give them a formal review on my blog. In addition to book reviews, I will also add in author news and other book related topics to Plot Twist. Your comments and feedback is always welcome.

Happy reading!


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