The Queen Con Book Review

Author: Meghan Scott Molin

Series: Golden Arrow Mysteries, Book #2

Genre: Mystery (cozy mystery)

Rating: 5 Stars

Synopsis:  What’s a comic book writer’s life without a real-life archnemesis?

MG Martin thought she’d turned the last page on the dangerous Golden Arrow case. The bad guys are behind bars, and the rest is up to her detective boyfriend, Matteo Kildaire. But when Golden Arrow impersonators start popping up all over Los Angeles, the writer in MG can’t help but be intrigued. Are they impostors, or has the original Golden Arrow returned for another story arc?  The Queen Con by Meghan Scott Molin
“I slide in, and I can’t help singing, ‘I’ve got a golden ticket,’ to myself quietly. The question is … where exactly does this ticket take me, if not farther down the rabbit hole? –MG Martin”
–Meghan Scott Molin, The Queen Con

A reemergence of drug crime has left the LAPD baffled, and golden arrows are once again being left at crime scenes. Matteo asks MG if she’ll resume consulting on all things geek, and she jumps at the opportunity. No need to mention that she may also do some sleuthing, with her friends’ help, right?

It’s rumored that the Golden Arrow will make a guest appearance at an exclusive queen party, and MG, Lawrence, and Ryan go undercover to sniff out the truth. But the sting goes sideways in a deadly way, and it’s up to their little crew to prove that the Golden Arrow might actually be the supervillain they’re chasing. Because looks can be deceiving, and every good writer knows the sequel is where the real plot twist happens…

Review: I had high expectations for The Queen Con, the much anticipated follow-up to the Golden Arrow Mysteries series starter, The Frame-Up (which I gave a 5 star review). I was not disappointed. This twisty-mystery book cemented my position as enthusiastic nerd herd devotee. This book has it all: Superheros, Comic book Nerds, Gamer Geeks, Drag Queens, intrigue and romance all neatly wrapped up in a witty, adventure-filled ride the reader can’t help but enjoy. Case in point, the roller coaster ride of emotions this book provoked in me. MG’s and Matteo’s (swoon!) relationship is evolving, and MG is going through some growing pains as she navigates her first serious relationship. This left me feeling hopeful and happy to anxious and angry. MG’s emotions and actions are authentic and relatable, although I still wanted to shout at and shake her many times for her thoughts and behaviors. And eclipsing this is the mystery and danger that surround MG and her crew, specifically Lawrence and Ryan. There were many moments of deep, nail-biting concern for them. Meghan Scott Molin’s writing style masterfully draws me in to MG’s world, a world that often feels simultaneously magical and ominous. I’m eager for the next installment in this clever mystery series.

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